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It’s done! Our good friends Mike and Hannah have finally tied the knot. We had a great time at their wedding, balancing photography and partying with old friends, many of whom we hadn’t seen for years.

In a nod towards Hannah’s Japanese-American heritage and with the added benefit of introducing all of their out-of-state friends to the beauty of the Northwest, Mike and Hannah decided to have their wedding at the Japanese Pagoda in Point Defiance Park. The weather turned out to be absolutely perfect, the decorations were gorgeous, and much fun was had by all.

Here are two photos of the wedding party, taken shortly after the wedding ceremony. Hannah and Mike’s wedding guests all received paper umbrellas hand-painted by Hannah’s sister and father. In addition to being terrific wedding favors that could have come in handy in case of rain, the umbrellas also added a lot of color to the wedding, and thus to our photos! We asked the wedding party to make a wall of umbrellas for a few portraits of Hannah and Mike, the best of which is below. Then, with everyone all bunched up there, we asked them to peek around their umbrellas for the second photo.

Congratulations Hannah and Mike!

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