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Two fabulous Bijou albums

June 7th, 2011

Photo of two Bijou by Pictobooks wedding albums for clients of Wallflower Photography of Tacoma, Washington

Here at Wallflower Photography, we take our albums seriously. We really believe that, as professional photographers, our job goes far beyond taking great photos. We feel that the post-processing stage of enhancing and optimizing our photos for printing is also extremely important, but it doesn’t stop there, either. We hate the idea of our clients’ photos being trapped on hard drives and DVDs, only to be enjoyed while sitting in front of a computer screen. Designing beautiful albums for our clients, and giving them other unique and breathtaking ways to enjoy their photos, is the third essential part of the Wallflower approach to wedding photography.

While we offer five different album families, each one different than the next, one has clearly risen above the rest, at least in terms of popularity: the Bijou line by Pictobooks. Bijou is a lay-flat album with rigid pages that have no gutter between the left and right pages other than a faint crease. This construction allows us to create custom page layouts that span entire spreads, from left edge to right, top to bottom, and right across the middle. While Bijou is the lower-cost Pictobooks line, most of the difference lies in their thinner (but still rigid) pages and in the types of cover materials available. Bijou features high-quality synthetic leathers and suedes, while Pictobooks offers premium leathers, exotic wooden veneers and sheets of real metal. Once you open them up, though, the photos and page designs in our Bijou albums are of equal quality, and that’s the most important thing.

We love that some of our clients want nothing but the very best, so they choose a Pictobooks album, but when budget is limited (and it usually is), we’d rather see our clients invest in more pages than in a fancier cover, and we encourage them to choose Bijou.

Last week FedEx brought us Bijou albums for two of our 2010 wedding clients, and we took a few photos of them before handing them off to their happy new owners. Both of these albums are 10×10 inches with monogrammed faux leather covers.

Another photo of two Bijou by Pictobooks wedding albums for clients of Wallflower Photography of Tacoma, Washington

Photo of Bijou by Pictobooks wedding album open, with a second Bijou behind, both for clients of Wallflower Photography of Tacoma, Washington

Pictobooks recently announced that Bijou albums now come with a black velvet slip cover imprinted with the Wallflower logo, and we were excited to see one for the first time!

Photo of cobalt-covered Bijou by Pictobooks wedding album, and its black velvet slip cover, for clients of Wallflower Photography of Tacoma, Washington

Detail photo of Wallflower Photography logo on black velvet slip cover that comes with Bijou by Pictobooks wedding album

While you’re checking out Wallflower albums, jump to this blog post to see two Pictobooks Metal albums that we produced for 2009 wedding clients.

Designing these albums takes many hours, and the project can feel overwhelming at first, so we keep as much of the work on us as we can, while still giving our clients full input. It’s a back-and-forth task that starts with our clients submitting a list of the photos they want included in their album. We build page designs based on those photos, and present them to our clients for review on a special website. If they want us to change anything about any of the designs, we do that at no extra cost, and we only purchase the album once we have their final approval. Once ordered, it usually takes 3-4 weeks before we receive a Bijou album.

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