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Lucky me had the opportunity to tour LeMay – America’s Car Museum last week, and wow! It’s a truly impressive place. Of course, most people will be visiting this museum to see the amazing collection of cars that Harold LeMay collected over his lifetime, but I was there for a very different reason: to check out the building itself, with an eye for how weddings could be staged there. I left really excited about shooting my first wedding there, and I’d be willing to offer some special offers to anyone getting married there in the hopes of getting a LeMay wedding ASAP.

The first thing that LeMay has done right is hire LeAna Reising away from Pacific Grill to run the wedding side of things. LeAna’s an experienced and well-known pro in the local wedding scene, and most recently helped Pacific Grill to launch their off-site catering division. Anyone planning a LeMay wedding will be in good hands.

Most brides and grooms will want to hold their weddings in the Showcase Gallery, where a huge glass wall at the end reveals a breathtaking view of downtown Tacoma, which is really quite photogenic. There’s even a outdoor deck there, so weather permitting, we can take portraits out there instead of against the glass wall. It’s too small for a whole wedding ceremony, though, which would have to be inside the towering wall of glass.

Now, realize that from a photographer’s perspective, glass walls make difficult backdrops for ceremonies that take place in relatively dim interiors. We face three basic options:

  • Expose for the bright view, and let the ceremony be silhouetted. This will look cool for a few photos, but definitely not the whole ceremony!
  • Expose for the dim interior, and let the view blow out (go white). This will also look cool and is generally a better option than above, but still not ideal.
  • Use supplemental lighting to brighten the interior, or at least the ceremony area, to bring it into balance with the bright view (or at least get it closer). Then the same exposure will work indoors and out. Getting it perfect would require an expensive, time-consuming setup that generally won’t be practical for most weddings. That said, we can do a pretty good job with the lights we bring to every wedding, and this would likely be our approach for most wedding ceremony photos.

So, let’s be clear: if you’re planning a LeMay wedding, you will regret any decision to trust your wedding photography to your photo-hobbyist friend or uncle, or to go with a cheap pro. Understand that they are cheap for a reason. I also wouldn’t expect your friends and family in the audience to get usable photos from their little cameras and cell phones. Hire an experienced pro.

Of course, a big part of the allure of a LeMay wedding is getting married, and having your wedding reception, among all these amazing cars! I know this isn’t the dream wedding venue for everyone, but I also know there are couples out there who would love nothing more. Those are the people I want to hear from! Although I can’t promise specific specials until I know the wedding date — I’ll be able to offer better deals to off-season and non-Saturday weddings — I’m motivated to do what I can to make it work. If you’re a LeMay bride or groom, contact us ASAP to get the ball rolling! (Please note this is a limited-time offer that will expire once we’ve booked a LeMay wedding or two, so if you’re interested, don’t delay!)

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