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It’s always a good day when I get to brag about Laura yet again! We just learned that one of her recent wedding photos placed in the top 20 of the Weather category in the latest contest held by the Artistic Guild of the Wedding Photojournalist Association.

This photo comes from Jenn and Kirk’s wedding at Chambers Bay Golf Course, one of Tacoma’s Top Wedding Venues. Coincidentally, I just recapped this rainy September wedding a few days ago, so the winning photo below might look familiar. It takes place just after the wedding ceremony ended, as the ring bearer and flower girls exit the event pavilion in hurried pursuit of our bride and groom as they head across the patio to the clubhouse for celebratory hugs and kisses.

Candid photo of the bride, groom, ring bearer and flower girls crossing the rainy patio to the clubhouse at the end of a wedding ceremony in the Event Pavilion at Chambers Bay Golf Course, by Wallflower Photography of Tacoma

This is the second award that Laura has won in the Weather category — you might recall Laura’s first was shot through our windshield as we followed the bride and groom’s antique rental Rolls Royce along a wet Five Mile Drive in Point Defiance Park.

The Artistic Guild of the WPJA is a group of international wedding photojournalists who capture unscripted wedding moments as they happen (that’s the WPJA part), and excel in the art of image post-production (the AG part). Image post-production is the technical term for what many people call “Photoshopping” — although you’ll notice that of all the contest winners, including Laura’s, relatively few of them showcase the drastic changes and special effects that most people associate with the term. The majority of winning enhancements are relatively subtle alterations in color or contrast that improve the photo without drawing your attention and becoming a distraction to the photo.

In fact, that last sentence pretty much describes our modern-day post-processing philosophy. We save the “effects” and “filters” for only a handful of special photos. Most of those are portraits of the bride and groom — we’ve found that obvious effects seem to fit best with created (posed) photos.

Just like we did in 2004, our first “digital” year, we still spend many hours improving our full set of edited wedding photos, one by one, to ensure the kind of quality that only individualized work can provide. In general, we like our photos to be crisp and detailed, about half with vibrant color and the other half with our special black and white processing (B&W is technically a Photoshop effect these days). But ultimately, we still want our photos to look like real photos, not altered photos. Our primary, photojournalistic style of photographing weddings is all about capturing real moments and emotions in our photos, after all, and our post-processing style complements that.

This win leaves Laura ranked third-best in all of Washington State by the Artistic Guild, based on points won through wedding photo contest awards.

One Response to “Another winning weather-themed wedding photo for Laura!”

  1. Christine Johnson

    WAY TO GO LAURA!! You not only captured the urgency to get out of the rain, but also, how the flower girls and ring bearer managed the trek together! TOO CUTE.


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