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We take our albums seriously here at Wallflower Photography. As a full-service wedding photography studio, we consider album creation to be the third of our three-part premium wedding photography service (which is photography, post-processing, and album creation).

To me, crafting the album is the obvious final step in our duty as wedding photographers. Our job as professionals isn’t to just hand over a disc of digital files and tell our clients to go figure out how to enjoy them. That would be like an accomplished chef selling the individual components and seasonings of a dish and forcing his customers to cook and plate their own meals. As professionals, it’s our duty to use our expertise and connections to finish what we started and leave our clients with something beautiful to hold and love all their lives.

In fact, crafting albums for our just-married clientele is one of the most satisfying aspects of our jobs. We don’t require our clients to buy an album, and some never do, but those weddings always feel just a little bit incomplete.

We’ve hand-picked two of the world’s best album companies to build wedding albums for our clients. We have a lengthy history with PictoBooks, a Maryland-based company, having trusted our albums to them since 2008. They don’t disappoint. We call our PictoBooks albums our “storytelling” albums because the kind of creative layouts they make possible are perfect for presenting our wedding photos creatively, like a picture story.

When GraphiStudio, a famous album company in Italy, developed their Digital Matted Albums based on some hot new printing technology, we felt that they would be the perfect alternate wedding album option for our clientele. They trade creative, multiphoto layouts for simple, beautiful presentations on unique papers.

We’ve published separate blog posts to show off lots of photos of both types of albums, and to try to explain what you’re looking at. Here are the links:

PictoBooks Albums: Our storytelling wedding books

GraphiStudio Digital Matted Albums: State-of-the-art art

But first, let’s be straight: These albums aren’t cheap. Some are downright pricey! But of all the things you can spend money on, what will you treasure more, and for as long, as your wedding album? That album will probably be your first family heirloom. It might be the first possession you’d grab if your house caught fire. Your album is priceless, and it’s an investment that you’ll never regret.

Throughout the album design process, we try to keep as much of the work on us as possible while keeping you in control of the whole process. We ask you to kick off the design process by giving us a list of the photos that you want to appear in the album. We work from your list, and sometimes add more photos, to complete all the page designs. Then we present them to you on a special webpage so you can review them at your convenience. If there’s anything you want us to change, just describe what you want and we’ll make it happen, and then we’ll show you the revised versions. We don’t order the album until we have your final sign-off.

If you have any questions about our albums, including pricing, or about Wallflower Photography in general, please don’t hesitate to call us at 253.274.1222 or email us at

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